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An Ordinary Day

A friend’s inspiration-of-the-day message suggested finding one thing to do that could make you feel fully alive and then doing it. That’s harder than it sounds. I try to be fully alive in every moment, and I’ve had some peak … Continue reading

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Meditated Murder

I was meditating on love when battle cries emerged from the bedroom. It’s hard to focus on love when your cat is waging war on a mouse. I’m easily distracted. While the CD’s soothing music and voiceover played, my mind … Continue reading

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The Screech of Divine Love

I meditated on divine love, and God sent me baby screech owls. Memorial Day, meditating at lunchtime, I focused my attention on divine love. At twilight, I sat on the porch, silently applauding the tree frogs, an arboreal orchestra without … Continue reading

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Home at Last, Part II

Last week’s post described a horrid summer in Texas, worry over the gas wells going in behind my house, my escape to Ireland and homesickness. As ready as I was to return home, a phone call toward the end of … Continue reading

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Home at Last, Part I

I left Texas for Ireland last summer with a great deal of trepidation concerning the future. All spring, the West had been on fire, and I could see smoke from wildfires burning just an hour west of my home in … Continue reading

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An Exercise in Minimalism

What can I live without? Most of my stuff, at least for a while. I escaped last summer’s excessive heat by renting an apartment in Portumna, a small town in western Ireland. I packed light, things I could layer: rayon … Continue reading

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The Bus to Ballinasloe

We’re 11 kilometers from Ballinasloe, then 10, then seven, then nine. The Local Bus lives up to its name, going out of its way, door to door, backing up and turning around in people’s driveways, winding down one-lane country roads. … Continue reading

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A Transitory Story

Shortly before departing for a stay in Ireland, I read online that thin women think differently from overweight women. Thin women don’t consider hunger a permanent condition, so they don’t eat every time they’re hungry. They figure, “If I don’t … Continue reading

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When in Rome, Eat Gelato

I had an assignment: While in Rome, eat gelato at Gelateria della Palma, Gelateria del Teatro and other hand-picked spots. Dark chocolate fondente, to be exact. This quest for Rome’s deepest, richest ice cream was assigned not by any travel … Continue reading

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Earth Actions

Eliza Gilkyson, one of my favorite musicians, recently posted a link on Facebook to this Newsweek article detailing climate change and U.S. failure to prepare for it: I applaud her for speaking out, musically and otherwise, about such serious … Continue reading

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