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Questions, Questions

Image by Coral Southwell My book club recently read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, a novel by Jamie Ford. As a child in World War II Seattle, the main character is forced to wear a button declaring … Continue reading

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Taking Flight

Photo by Guillermo Bobadilla I wrote this shortly after returning from Nicaragua last June. You can read my story about this amazing country at, digital version, Page 94 of the May 2011 issue. I said I would never bungee jump. I … Continue reading

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The Minimalist Cat

Dulcie requires minimalism. Not for her. For me. My sweet little cat, whom you may have met earlier on this blog (“Sweet Terror, Dec. 6, 2010, and “Decorating With Cats,” Dec. 15, 2010), has had me undecorating my house. First … Continue reading

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Communion, Isolation and Ice

I dreamed of arriving late for church, just as Communion was being served. I knelt at the altar rail to receive the sacrament, but the priest passed me by. I felt frustrated; Communion was what I had come for. Communion … Continue reading

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It’s a Long Way to Tucumcari

I recently stopped into the nearest java joint for a cup of caffeine. A barista admired my travel coffee mug, which to my taste seems a bit garish. On a trip to New Mexico last summer, I found myself drinking … Continue reading

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Gratitude, Part 2

For years, I’ve kept a haphazard gratitude journal. I sporadically write down things I’m thankful for, even quirky little things that make me laugh. For my first blog entry of 2011, I thought I’d share a few from last year: … Continue reading

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Decorating With Cats

It’s beginning to look a little like Christmas. I knew decorating would be a challenge this year. To my new little kitty, Dulcie, everything’s a toy. I’d have to be creative. I dragged boxes of ornaments down from the attic. … Continue reading

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Sweet Terror

There’s a wildcat in my house, and I’m scared. The wildcat is a half-grown tabby with an overlay of vague calico splotches, a foundling from down the road. Her name is Dulcie, for “sweet.” She’s very sweet, when she purrs … Continue reading

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Leaves of Three

I don’t like to kill things. Oh, I’ll occasionally swat at mosquitoes, but I prefer to deter the little bloodsuckers with citrus-oil repellent. I keep my kitchen meticulously clean so ants lack incentive to invade, thus sparing their little lives. … Continue reading

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This week’s blog entry is another one that’s primarily photos. At this time of Thanksgiving in the United States, fall foliage is something to be thankful for. In North Central Texas, we can’t count on a splendid autumn. Many years, leaves turn … Continue reading

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