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The Screech of Divine Love

I meditated on divine love, and God sent me baby screech owls. Memorial Day, meditating at lunchtime, I focused my attention on divine love. At twilight, I sat on the porch, silently applauding the tree frogs, an arboreal orchestra without … Continue reading

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Earth Actions

Eliza Gilkyson, one of my favorite musicians, recently posted a link on Facebook to this Newsweek article detailing climate change and U.S. failure to prepare for it: I applaud her for speaking out, musically and otherwise, about such serious … Continue reading

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Gratitude, Part 2

For years, I’ve kept a haphazard gratitude journal. I sporadically write down things I’m thankful for, even quirky little things that make me laugh. For my first blog entry of 2011, I thought I’d share a few from last year: … Continue reading

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Leaves of Three

I don’t like to kill things. Oh, I’ll occasionally swat at mosquitoes, but I prefer to deter the little bloodsuckers with citrus-oil repellent. I keep my kitchen meticulously clean so ants lack incentive to invade, thus sparing their little lives. … Continue reading

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This week’s blog entry is another one that’s primarily photos. At this time of Thanksgiving in the United States, fall foliage is something to be thankful for. In North Central Texas, we can’t count on a splendid autumn. Many years, leaves turn … Continue reading

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