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An Ordinary Day

A friend’s inspiration-of-the-day message suggested finding one thing to do that could make you feel fully alive and then doing it. That’s harder than it sounds. I try to be fully alive in every moment, and I’ve had some peak … Continue reading

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Meditated Murder

I was meditating on love when battle cries emerged from the bedroom. It’s hard to focus on love when your cat is waging war on a mouse. I’m easily distracted. While the CD’s soothing music and voiceover played, my mind … Continue reading

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The Screech of Divine Love

I meditated on divine love, and God sent me baby screech owls. Memorial Day, meditating at lunchtime, I focused my attention on divine love. At twilight, I sat on the porch, silently applauding the tree frogs, an arboreal orchestra without … Continue reading

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Home at Last, Part II

Last week’s post described a horrid summer in Texas, worry over the gas wells going in behind my house, my escape to Ireland and homesickness. As ready as I was to return home, a phone call toward the end of … Continue reading

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Home at Last, Part I

I left Texas for Ireland last summer with a great deal of trepidation concerning the future. All spring, the West had been on fire, and I could see smoke from wildfires burning just an hour west of my home in … Continue reading

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An Exercise in Minimalism

What can I live without? Most of my stuff, at least for a while. I escaped last summer’s excessive heat by renting an apartment in Portumna, a small town in western Ireland. I packed light, things I could layer: rayon … Continue reading

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A Transitory Story

Shortly before departing for a stay in Ireland, I read online that thin women think differently from overweight women. Thin women don’t consider hunger a permanent condition, so they don’t eat every time they’re hungry. They figure, “If I don’t … Continue reading

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Questions, Questions

Image by Coral Southwell My book club recently read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet, a novel by Jamie Ford. As a child in World War II Seattle, the main character is forced to wear a button declaring … Continue reading

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Communion, Isolation and Ice

I dreamed of arriving late for church, just as Communion was being served. I knelt at the altar rail to receive the sacrament, but the priest passed me by. I felt frustrated; Communion was what I had come for. Communion … Continue reading

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Gratitude, Part 2

For years, I’ve kept a haphazard gratitude journal. I sporadically write down things I’m thankful for, even quirky little things that make me laugh. For my first blog entry of 2011, I thought I’d share a few from last year: … Continue reading

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