This week’s blog entry is another one that’s primarily photos. At this time of Thanksgiving in the United States, fall foliage is something to be thankful for. In North Central Texas, we can’t count on a splendid autumn. Many years, leaves turn brown and immediately fall off the trees. When we see some seasonal color, we rejoice.

Half these shots were taken near my house. For good measure, I’ve thrown in a few from my recent trip to Italy, where I also relished a glorious autumn.

For all this natural beauty, I give thanks.

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5 Responses to Gratitude

  1. GypsyCat says:

    Thank you for such beautiful pictures!

  2. Seré says:

    Gorgeous photos, Carol. I live in Northern California, and I’m in awe of the vineyards right now. Some are still full of yellow, like captured sunlight; others look as though they’ve been set on fire, blazing up and down the hills. Who needs to go to New England?

  3. melanie says:

    beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. breathtaking, carol! i join you in giving thanks. bless you, friend.

  5. Love the photos. Fall is my favorite season and you have captured it beautifully.

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