Gratitude, Part 2

For years, I’ve kept a haphazard gratitude journal. I sporadically write down things I’m thankful for, even quirky little things that make me laugh. For my first blog entry of 2011, I thought I’d share a few from last year:

  • Playing “The Eighth of January” on the fiddle on the eighth of January
  • A town called Ding Dong in Bell County, Texas
  • A magnificent bald eagle lighting on a tree across the road
  • Waking up and knowing it’s going to be a great day
  • A warm house on a cold morning
  • Breakfast tacos, free gospel music and great people watching in Austin
  • Trees leafing out; daffodils, jonquils, redbud, Bradford pear, wild plum and grape hyacinths in bloom
  • Perugina bittersweet chocolate
  • A magnificent wildcat running across the road in front of my car
  • Amazing travels to California, Nicaragua, New Mexico and Italy
  • The haunting, descending whinny of a screech owl
  • Riding in the 28-foot Spanish-galleon parade float my neighbor and his buddies built
  • The Chilean miners all getting out alive
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10 Responses to Gratitude, Part 2

  1. Chelo says:

    Wonderful things to be grateful for, Carol. Thanks for the reminder, I used to do this. Now I’m putting it on my list of resolutions.

  2. brian says:

    nice grat list…some fun, some serious…i like that we should be grateful in all…

  3. in high school my best friend made a gratitude journal. i used it for years, needing to find good moments in the midst of hard times. it is possible that at times my list included fuzzy socks, best friends and good books. i like your list. thank you for sharing. 🙂

  4. happygirl says:

    I love Ding Dong in Bell county Texas. PA has some funny named towns, too. Stop by my blog sometime. I have Happy Thoughts. I LOVE gratitude. I need to feel less entitled and more grateful. Thanks,

  5. what breadth, what depth, to this list. i love the bit about the town called ding dong 🙂 your posts are such treasures, carol. thank you.

  6. Seré says:

    This list conveys so much about the woman who wrote it. Definitely a life well-lived. And appreciated.

  7. patty says:

    thank-you, miss carol, for coming to visit me so often, and please forgive me that i have not returned in kind. life is busy this past year, like mad, and some days, it’s just about all i can do to post. i’m trying to be better at visiting this year.
    i’m envious of your travels, and have a love of coffee, too, that i refuse to drink out of plastic or styrofoam! 🙂
    love your list, too…
    best wishes as you write and write and write…

  8. sperlygirl says:

    oh, i love your list. the wildlife, the ‘warm house on a cold morning’, the dark chocolate – wonderful!

  9. Love this list. Clicked over from your comment on my blog, and now I’m inspired and reminded yet again about the value of a gratitude journal. Really, how simple?

  10. Joseph kennedy says:

    I was a couple of years ahead of you at tcu, carol, but I’ve envoy treed your w
    Hi, carol,

    I was a couple of years ahead of you at tcu, and I’ve encountered tour work often enough at this distance to know you’ve been prolific and diverse and excellent with your writing. I had a good career in Roanoke, va, shortened by a buyout, but since then … Well, what a great time to read your blog entry about your gratitude journal.

    I envy your editing service. Great idea. Too late for me, but i hope you’re speaking to student (and exiled) journalists about ways to adapt to the ever changing circumstances of for-pay journalism.

    Continued good fortune to you.

    Joe Kennedy
    Tcu ’71

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