Communion, Isolation and Ice

I dreamed of arriving late for church, just as Communion was being served. I knelt at the altar rail to receive the sacrament, but the priest passed me by. I felt frustrated; Communion was what I had come for.

Communion denied. What does it mean?

I’d been housebound for three days, denied communion with other living souls by the ice on my little lake road. I had everything I needed at home, except human companionship.

Maybe it isn’t about isolation, but rather, about my undisciplined spiritual quest. My meditation is sporadic, church attendance even more so. Maybe it isn’t the church, or the priest, or the spirit that’s passing me by, but me who’s neglecting them. In the dream, I made a half-hearted attempt at religion: I wasn’t on time.

The winter of the spirit? Among Nordic runes, there’s one called “Isa.” Ralph Blum’s The Book of Runes defines it as “standstill, that which impedes, ice.” He lists it next-to-next-to-last, just before those symbolizing wholeness and the unknowable. “[T]his is the fallow period that precedes a birth . . . . Trust your own process, and watch for signs of spring.”

I still don’t understand the dream. Maybe I’ll meditate on it.

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8 Responses to Communion, Isolation and Ice

  1. Donna Darovich says:

    Carol, I have interviewed dream experts and studied them quite a bit so have suggestion.
    Because I sense your spirituality and church (and esp. communion) are very important to you, the Communication and priest in dream are likely symbols — of something very important to you – that your mind fears losing (or not getting) such as a personal relationship, big material thing or job. The mind deals with this concern/aniexty/fear of losing/not having those things by “casting” them in dream as something really important to you (communion and spirituality). Just your mind’s way of dealing with these concerns. Since your reaction to not getting communion in dream was only frustration, your mind is likely trying to advise you to not sweat the loss (or not getting). Or just letting you know you are worried/concerned and should deal with it.

  2. Joybird says:

    a fallow period that precedes a birth, I think that describes pretty succinctly the place I am in. Thanks for sharing your musings with me.

  3. Rebecca Jerdee says:

    Fascinating stuff, especially when followed by Donna’s comment. Enjoyed my peek into your world today 🙂

  4. Jodi says:

    Hello, so happy to have found you here. You left a comment on my blog on Monday. When I clicked on your name, it kept saying “No page found”. But I found you—hooray! Dreams are funny things, but God will never turn us away.

  5. Lindsay says:

    I love your writing style.

    & the quote, “Trust your own process…. and watch for signs of Spring.”


  6. because of a broken relationship, i didn’t take communion for a period of several months. during that time, i discovered how much communion means to me, how it is a very tangible symbol of our forgiveness through Christ’s sacrifice. to be denied communion, whether through a spiritual season of winter or because of bad weather, can be to realize how much we need and depend on both the relationship with God and that very tangible symbol.

  7. carol, i LOVED this… the talk of winter of the soul. i think this is what i’m going through too… my friend calls it the lenten ache… begging for easter, for the rise of newness within.

    i find my dreams are affected largely by my fears. do you have fears associated with the church? fear of rejection? thank you for this openness friend. love to you.

  8. Seré says:

    I’m late getting over to read your blog, Carol, but I still received what I came here for: your lovely insight. 🙂 I especially relate to the last paragraph that describes that fallow period right before a birth. That’s a pattern I’ve seen in my own life…those frozen solid times when we just have to trust the process and know that spring is coming, that creativity will soon bloom.

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