The Minimalist Cat

Dulcie requires minimalism.

Not for her. For me.

My sweet little cat, whom you may have met earlier on this blog (“Sweet Terror, Dec. 6, 2010, and “Decorating With Cats,” Dec. 15, 2010), has had me undecorating my house.

First to be packed away was a kilim rug from Afghanistan, about 75 years old. She tried to shred  it.

Next was a weaving of delicate Thai silk covering a little table. She rumpled it, pulling a thread, which I later unpulled.

Elegant hand-hammered pewter vessels, a little pitcher holding my mother’s paintbrushes, a Tibetan prayer wheel, framed artworks, a jar of vintage pens, papers on my desk: all toys, to Dulcie. All stored for now, until she grows up and settles down.

I was already in the process of decluttering my home, and the simpler it looks, the better I like it.

Please understand, my idea of achieving minimalism doesn’t involve stashing artworks and memorabilia indiscriminately in cupboards and drawers. Rather, it requires the discipline of decision, of choosing what goes and what stays.

I’d just like to be the one to choose.

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10 Responses to The Minimalist Cat

  1. Seré says:

    Carol, I found myself oohing and ahhing as you described your things. They sound so lovely. I remember the first year we had our cat, Bob, and I didn’t think I’d ever have a Christmas tree again. He kept climbing up it, and crash it would go, again and again. I got just the teeniest bit frustrated. 🙂 But by the next year, he only gave the Christmas tree a bored glance as he curled up for yet another nap. You’ll be in charge of decision making again, soon. Or at least Dulcie will let you think you are.

  2. Leslie says:

    Haha! We have a basenji dog, and they are very much like cats. And, like cats, they are very naughty (and curious) when young. So I completely relate to your forced minimalism.

    Also, you do a wonderful job of conjuring images with your words. Loved your list of Dulcie’s “toys.”

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today, and leaving your nice comment : )

  3. brian says:

    smiles. i like a simple life…but i definitely dont want my cats help…lol

  4. i so understand this, carol… it’s like having a rambunctious one year old boy… and i like the simple look too, but yes, i’d like to choose. what beautiful things you have… i feel like i’ve visited your home 🙂

  5. Joybird says:

    And apparently Dulcie would like to be the one to choose as well. 🙂

  6. David N. says:

    We had a young cat who looked just like this one who shredded everything in sight. He even tried to shred the 19 year old cat we had, but that old grandma kicked his butt.

  7. Jodi says:

    We have three cats who believe that vases full of flowers are frivolous as a decoration and meant to be spilt and snacked upon. There’s no point in having fresh-cut tulips in my home. I’m simply asking for trouble.

  8. hmm….that’s an idea for some forced decluttering, just get a kitten. 😉

  9. Cathy says:

    Carol, I just discovered your lovely, simple blog through ‘imperfect prose’ and had a good, long giggle at Dulcie, your ‘sweet’ young cat who rules the roost! What a gift she has given you, simplifying is a simple task, but not an easy one.

  10. Cindy Hurn says:

    I’m sending this to my daughter. She needs a kitten. 🙂

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