Earth Actions

Eliza Gilkyson, one of my favorite musicians, recently posted a link on Facebook to this Newsweek article detailing climate change and U.S. failure to prepare for it:

I applaud her for speaking out, musically and otherwise, about such serious matters.

Her question, “Will we rise up?” prompted provocative responses.

I’m all for everything that everybody can do to try to save our beleaguered planet from human-incurred damage. But it seems to me that the primary problems are overpopulation and human nature (greed), and those are the least likely to be solved, at least deliberately. Overpopulation will be resolved when the earth can no longer sustain the multitudes, but that solution will be, and is, grim. As for human nature, we can nurture ourselves, others and the earth instead of pandering to our acquisitive side, and we can perhaps educate, and set an example, and vote and campaign for right-minded candidates in the process, but we can’t make other people do the same.

We’re blessed to have the luxury of discussing this, of rising up and of changing our habits if we choose, whereas in some countries, long-term environmental concerns are sacrificed for the immediate need to address starvation and abject poverty. An article in the April 2011 issue of Discover magazine, on worldwide mercury pollution originating in Asia, suggests (without assigning blame) the vastness of the problem.

I love this beautiful planet, and I try to honor it with my actions. I recognize that whatever I do, it isn’t enough. The earth will nevertheless survive.

It isn’t the next million years I’m worried about; it’s the next hundred.

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5 Responses to Earth Actions

  1. I certainly do agree with you….We are elbowing each other off the continents. Over population is rampant.

  2. Came over through Imperfect Prose… Wanted to say thanks for offering “nurturing” and “educating” ourselves as solutions. I appreciated those ideas. I also appreciated your acknowledgement that it is a complex process of balancing human needs and environmental sustainability. Those are not easy questions to untangle.

  3. brian miller says:

    i think the earth will be here well beyond us…she just might eventually kick us off for trashing the place…

  4. David Nilsen says:

    Thank you for writing this. I haven’t met many Christians who are willing to address overpopulation. So many seem to think it is God’s desire we have as many offspring as possible, as though we can possibly sustain that long term. I know families with lots of kids, and I love those kids, but I always catch myself thinking…could you have adopted? Could you have done something to help the kids that are already here rather than creating more hungry American mouths?

  5. you have active faith, friend. i like that you address the important issues. keep challenging us…

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