Home at Last, Part I

Smoke From Wildfires, April 2011

I left Texas for Ireland last summer with a great deal of trepidation concerning the future.

All spring, the West had been on fire, and I could see smoke from wildfires burning just an hour west of my home in North Texas. With an eye to gusting west winds, I packed important papers, manuscripts and family photos in the car. I kept my purse and pet carrier by the front door, ready for a speedy evacuation, fortunately unnecessary.

I knew two gas wells were going to be drilled right behind my house, on the other side of the hill. I worried about the noise and the possible pollution and even catastrophic blowouts that could occur.

Then the summer heat and calamitous drought arrived, early and unbearable. “I can’t stay here,” I thought. I didn’t know if I could continue to live in Texas the rest of my life. But where would I live?

Ireland was cool and rainy and green. A whole different world. My hope was restored.

But despite the charms of my temporary hometown, Portumna, its gracious people, and all my adventures in the Emerald Isle, I was homesick. I missed my family, my friends, my cat, my bed, my view. More than I ever anticipated.

Check back here next week for Home at Last, Part II. Meanwhile, you can read more of my Irish adventures in earlier blog posts, or see my travel story and photos at www.360westmagazine.com, “Digital Edition,” “May 2012.” Go to “Contents” and click on “Destinations.”

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6 Responses to Home at Last, Part I

  1. Beth says:

    Sounds as if you have an exciting life or at least had an exciting chapter in your life, Carol. My husband and I are planning our 25 wedding anniversary trip to England and Wales for this fall. I am excited about seeing the beautiful places, but like you, I always long for home while I’m away. Home really is the best place of all! 🙂

  2. brian miller says:

    nice…would love to visit ireland…but i imagine as well that i would find myself particularly missingthe people and wanting to return to them….

  3. r.elliott says:

    we are neighbors at Emily…i guess it can be true…absence can make the heart grow stronger. I would love to see all the beauty of Ireland some day. blessings to you~

  4. there is a heaviness to place, and magnetic pull, isn’t there? i’d love to visit ireland, but i know that heart-cry for home, as well.

  5. trent and i plan to visit ireland soon, and do a motorbike trip around it.

    i found it interesting how, while your hope was restored, you were so very sad. such a mix of emotions, friend. yet, i understand completely.

  6. Emily, e-mail me before you go to Ireland. I’ll give you lots of tips and suggestions. It’s such a beautiful place, with rich history and delightful people.

    Wait until you see the continuation of the story in next week’s post. Talk about a mix of emotions!

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