The Screech of Divine Love

I meditated on divine love, and God sent me baby screech owls.

Memorial Day, meditating at lunchtime, I focused my attention on divine love. At twilight, I sat on the porch, silently applauding the tree frogs, an arboreal orchestra without a conductor, singing in tune but out of time.

And then something I’ve never witnessed before: A family of screech owls flitted into the cedar elm before me. Two adults, two fledglings. The babies were practicing flying. Practicing crying, too. A screech owl’s cry is one of the most mournful sounds on earth, a sad, descending whinny, a soul expiring. These youngsters didn’t quite have it yet; their cries were more of a whimper.

One of the babies turned its head in my direction. It was too dark to tell, but I know that little owl was looking straight at me.

All this lasted maybe 30 seconds, with the tree frogs chorusing in the background, until the screech-owl family flew away.

I could only sit in awe and shiver. Every time I encounter nature, I consider it a privilege, a gift, a direct connection with the divine.

An act of divine love.

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11 Responses to The Screech of Divine Love

  1. Old Ollie says:

    Wow that first line had me. What a solid meditation.

  2. Charles says:

    Ditto Ollie and “an arboreal orchestra without a conductor” got me too. I’ll probably steal some of the in my lifetime. Please feel flattered. Just beautiful.

  3. Carol Nuckols says:

    Thank you, Ollie and Charles.

  4. What a wonderful dissertation of a night concert. I love night sounds as much as I love the morning sound of birds waking up the morning. So far, I live in a place where there aren’t many “road sounds” to interfere with the peacefulness that the orchestra without a conductor. Lovely posting.

  5. becky says:

    the night choruses are awe inspiring…we are privileged to hear bullfrogs in the night as we live above a pond.

  6. brian miller says:

    nice…that is so cool to see the owls….i have not seen one in some time…and nature always gives me back that bit of awe….smiles.

  7. What an amazing experience; thank you for sharing!

    I lived in the middle of the woods once, by myself (no husband, at the time). One night I was on the stoop smoking when I heard the scariest sound I’d ever heard. I called my daddy up on the phone and tried my best to emulate the sound I’d heard.

    “I have good news and bad news,” he said. “The good news is that what you heard was an owl. The bad news is that the Indians called that owl the ‘messenger of death.'”

    Thanks, Dad.

  8. this is such a SOLID write friend. i loved the passion and heart in it.

  9. Carol,
    Ahh, those nights of crickets, birds and time outside bring refreshment to my spirit too. Wow, that screech owl moment sounds beautiful.

    Thanks for stopping by my post “Of Fires and Friendship…” Loyalty, helping even when it’s inconvenient… yes, those are great things. It sounds like your friends are lucky to have you. 🙂

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by. I love to meet new people.

    Have a lovely Thursday,
    Jennifer Dougan

  10. I love listening to nature sounds when I have the chance to be outside without any other noises. I usually hear the sweet birds during the day on a morning walk or putsing around the yard. I love hearing them sing to each other 😉 Have a happy weekend.

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