Pegasus is the magnificent winged horse of Greek mythology. This ethereal equine, offspring of Poseidon and Medusa, lived on Mount Helicon with the Muses. Where he struck his hoof on the ground, a spring emerged, becoming the inspiration of poets. Beautiful and dynamic, Pegasus still stirs the imagination.

I’ve always loved to read, and I’ve written poetry and fiction since I was a
teenager. My writing, editing and copyediting experience began when I was 9 or
10. The summer after the third or fourth grade, my twin sister and I published our own newspaper. We wrote the articles and headlines, drew the pictures and laid out The Family Times, all in pencil on cut-up brown paper grocery bags. Covering the activities of family members and pets, we printed a couple of issues. And I do mean printed, by hand.

Things took a more professional turn when I majored in journalism at Texas Christian University, graduating with honors. I went on to work as a writer, copy editor and editor at the Austin American-Statesman, Fort Worth Press and Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I’ve written freelance articles for publications including American Way, Texas Highways and Texas Homes. Most recently, I’ve turned my writing and editing attention toward local magazines such as 360 West, The TCU Magazine and Parker County Today.

Along the way, I’ve written everything from news releases to books. I’ve
written, edited and proofread billions of words. (I’m sure it’s been
billions.) Throughout my nearly 40-year career, I’ve been known for
lively writing, thoroughness and accuracy. As an editor, I gratefully
accept what I consider the highest accolade: “a writer’s editor.”

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